The Frame Shed offers a variety of framing services, from mount cutting to box framing. Specialist glass for valuable pieces and display solutions for memorabilia.


With ample parking you can bring your items to The Frame Shed with out the hassle of finding a parking space in central Guildford. As I work from home it is best to contact me before making a trip to ensure that I am available.

It usually takes around two weeks to complete a frame but in some cases I can rush an order through for those last minute emergencies. Bulk orders, such as exhibition collections may sometimes take a bit longer.

Home Service

My home service is a great way to make decisions on home decorating. Mount and frame colours can look very different in different light. Also playing with colours and textures of frames can enhance certain features of your home.


Mounting is a traditional way to present work. But there are many different ways in which a mount can be used. From simple window mounts to black core double or triple mounts, multiple window mounts or different shaped mounts the options are limitless. With so many textures, colours and sizes to choose from we can definitely make your piece stand out.


Choosing a frame style for your subject is of course down to personal taste. With a good range of samples I can help you find the right frame to enhance your item and serve its purpose whether it is for exhibition, family photos for the home or updating and refreshing a much loved piece of art.

All of my frames are hand made. Attention to detail ensures high quality finished products setting them apart from factory made frames.